Seeking Cool Companion plugin

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  1. this is a video i found,
    I need to have this plugin,

    It is the thing i just need
  2. So your looking a pet that is right beside u?
  3. Why would you want to have a copy of another servers work (hypixel) if you could think of a cool new idea that may have not been done before and have just as much potential? Something that makes people come back to servers is originality which seems to be missing within allot of places no a days as corporations and companies copy each other when they see something that made another good fortune or publicity.
  4. I can't pay/hire a Plugin Creater,
  5. Theres still the point in that if you can give a developer a good reason to join they might just do so. When I started
    one of my servers I got an offer that I agreed to that was in which I was made the COO of the company and a few other parts but we were both leading on the same ideas. The point is that when loads of servers have the same thing it turns into being "Oh, another server with..." instead of "Oh wow! I love this...". Sometimes it's worth a risk here and there ;)
  6. No, seeking a plugin with ArmorStand mobs,,,,
    You know hypixel's companions? fully made with armorstands,

    Dont normal minecraft ;3
  7. You can't get something like this for free :p
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  8. ;3