Seeking for a special plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by EvilSnowy, May 31, 2017.

  1. Hello. First of all i apologise for my bad grammar, ill try to do my best in this thread.
    Ok I am looking for some plugin that allows me to add items into books, which means that when someone will right click the book it will automaticly give him some kit or some items or a permission. can anybody please give me a link to such a plugin?
  2. By add items to books do you mean add an item to that individual book or and books with the title or lore that you give it to?
  3. So there is a command done when clicked on the book? When a player right clicks on something, the console executes a command?
  4. Yes yolo_always_4_7 thats what i mean
  5. Just use what @Zembrow said, or use Vouchers plugin, can't add link cause I'm on my phone.

    And shout out to @Yolo_Always_4_7 :) ttyl man
  6. Thanks guys ! you helped me alot
  7. I know you may not want to and it is time consuming but, If you think you might like programing I recommend it, you should learn java and custom make your plugins. Well most of them. I think servers are way better with custom plugins. It is up to you but It really does pay off to make it yourself. You just get that satisfaction of, "Yeah, I made this".
  8. I agree