Selecting JDK in IntelliJ

Discussion in 'Programming' started by TheDiamondWorm, May 1, 2015.

  1. Hello all, I recently got IntelliJ, and have been having problems selecting the JDK I want to use, and I thought i'd ask here as most of the community seems to use IntelliJ.

    So, I start off by pressing ctrl + shift + alt + s, I then press this button:

    I try to add a new JDK, here's the directory i'm getting it from:

    Code (Text):
    C:\Users\Name Hidden\Documents\runtime\jre-x64\jre1.7.0_75
    But, I get this error:
    "The selected directory is not a valid home for JDK"

    What's the problem here? Thanks for any help, it is much appreciated as this is my first time ever using IntelliJ!
  2. JDK is Java Development Kit. You are trying to use the JRE, which is the Java Runtime Environment. You need to install the JDK and use that.