Selector Issues

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  1. I am having a problem with selectors. I have my command blocks, using
    /execute if entity @e[type=player,x=0,y=65,z=0,distance=..2] in a repeating command block, connected to a comparitor, then that goes into an impulse command block. that has /mvtp @a[x=0,y=65,z=0,distance=1] world in it. but it always tells me "Sorry, I couldn't find player: @a[x=0,y=65,z=0,distance=1]" do the operators not work anymore?

    any ideas?
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  2. I hate to bumpy bump bump, but anyone have any ideas?
  3. If your using some plugins on your server like essentials some vanilla features don't work. Like @e

    You can fix this by typing /minecraft:commandname i.e. /minecraft:execute
    Code (Text):
    /minecraft:execute if entity @e[type=player,x=0,y=65,z=0,distance=..2]
  4. sorry, I wasn't clear. the execute commandblock works fine. it detects, its when i try to use /mvtp @a[blah,blah,blah,blah] its not passing the selector to the external command properly
  5. I'm unsure if Multiverse supports @a