Standalone Selector made with ChestCommands 1.0

This is made for chestcommands NOT a real plugin!

  1. what does this exactly do? Please make it more clear and add more description.
  2. I think that the spigot resources are for place plugins/skripts, not configurations.
  3. Wow, someone did the same thing the other day. Configured menus with Chest Commands and uploaded it as a PREMIUM Resource, trying to make money off of configuring his own menus for his own server. I told him he should take it down because people will see that and start doing it. Now it is happening haha. At least this one is free though. I don't mind it if it's free, and the author of ChestCommands probably doesn't either, just as long as someone isn't making money off of these menus...
  4. Yeah i know what you are trying to say. But this will be a one time upload :p.
  5. Well this one isn't a big deal because it is free, but if someone tries to sell it and make money off of it, than I think that's wrong to do.