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  1. I have devised a plan for sustainable self-hosting. I would like to know if this plan would work.

    I am currently creating a server network with many game modes but, I knew this would be too expensive to have a company host it for me, it would cost at least $200. I've decided to self-host so, I went on Ebay and found a used server that has 12-cores and 64GB of ram that is cheaper than paying another host. Another problem was I wanted DDos protection as well as having a website. My original plan was to have the proxy hosted on a VPS, preventing my IP from being known, to the self-hosted server. This would cost around $40/year without a website. So, I went researching and found a better plan. I am deciding on using X4B as a proxy, and self-host the website as well. This would offer both protection, and maximum security because I can set the servers and the database to localhost. I would port-forward 25565 traffic to my bungee server, and the other web-ports to the webserver.

    Would this work well? What subscription with X4B would I need that wouldn't run out of bandwidth?
  2. do you mean you are hosting the server on your home network? what is your uplink? I'm not sure this would work well and you'll also have to open your home network up to external connections which might be a safety risk.
  3. I am unsure of uplink at this time, but it is expected to be high since fiber optic is being routed inside. I would be running the server on a completely different network with nothing else connected to it, so it should be fine.
  4. The main problems with home hosting... non redundant internet, non redundant power, lack of ddos protection, physical security of the server, ... these are just to name a few.
    But as always, Best of Luck.
  5. Thanks! I think I have a lot of things figured out.
  6. Home hosting isn't a good idea for many reason: personnal security issue (with an IP you can basically know where it is located), electricity costs, hardware maintenance costs, no ddos protection, is your bandwidth high enough for this? download/upload speed? not to mention in case of bad weather the server would shut down if electricity goes missing
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    Just keep in mind that internet provider, at least in the United States, don't guarantee good connectivity or good routing. So just don't expect everything to be 100% flawless. As long as the tunnel/proxy you're connecting to is relatively close to you (<30ms) then you're better off. Separately make sure you won't go over any data caps (again, mainly the USA). AT&T for example charges like $10 per 50GB after you go over 1TB unless you're on their highest fiber plan.
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  8. " I am deciding on using X4B as a proxy, and self-host the website as well. This would offer both protection, and maximum security "
  10. This is a bad idea for a "server network with many game modes".
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