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  1. I'm planning on getting a dedicated server for hosting. I plan on having a bungee network all on the same device. Would each of the servers IP's be the same? How do I setup port-forwarding? I do I increase bandwidth? What IP will my players connect with? I know there Is something you have to do with your router but I don't know what. How do I keep my IP safe but the server public? Would my IP be hidden if I used a domain?

    I know, it's a lot of questions....
  2. Unless colocating is expensive where you are I would seriously consider that first. It will likely cost you similar to a Business internet plan anyways.
  3. I think he means renting.

    Anyways sounds like you need a person to help setup everything for you.
  4. Unless he never looked at rentals it seems to me he actually wants to BUY a box and put it in his house. Thus is why I suggested looking at colocation options if any exists for a single server.
  5. Your IP address would be exposed to the public. It already is. Pointing a domain at an IP will not hide the IP.

    You would use the same IP for all the servers and bungeecord. They would just be on different ports. You would need to port forward each port.
  6. Would disadvise against home hosting. It exposes your personal IP; you have zero DDoS proteciton; if they DDoS your server; you also get your home connection nuked (because it's obviously the same network); if they hack into the machine they hack into your home network; and last but not least: your home connection probably isn't good enough to properly host a server on, and as @Crafter5000 said, that may require an upgrade to some business plan at your ISP, which will definitely be more expensive than to just rent a simple dedicated server or VPS. Literally everything above is taken care of by a proper hosting company such as OVH or ReliableSite.
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  7. So I would need an anti ddos software, VPN and an anti virus?
  8. No, no and no.
    • Anti DDoS is pure hardware power, not something you can magically get by installing some software;
    • You shouldn't be relying on VPN's on proxies. It will only increase latency;
    • How did anti virus even get into this? It has absolutely nothing to do with this topic
    Just rent a small server at OVH and you're done. Don't host at home, but if you do, at least make sure you know what you're doing (which doesn't seem to be case here).
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  9. Software cannot protect you from a DDoS higher than your bandwith. You can filter trough iptables but that is crap against big DDoS attacks.
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  10. I'm using multiple hosts right now but when the annual fee comes I cannot pay it because I'm no longer using any online currency. I am planning on getting a machine so I can upload all the files onto it when my services end.
  11. It would take thousands of dollars for you to get all of the things needed to self host and you obviously do not have the experience or knowledge of how to properly set it up.
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  12. For high volume attacks even a few millions is not "unheard" of.
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  13. I'm willing to pay the price
  14. Anyways Im probably not going to use a host unless I get at least $300 by the end of the year and thats just for the servers not the website
  15. Home-Hosting is not very good if you plan to have it running 24/7. Just get a Host, It solve s a ton of problems
  16. I personally home host my basic stuff i.e websites, which is fine. (I route through cloudflare)
    Minecraft on the other hand isn't, you're basically saying here's my IP flood it with packets.

    You cannot hide your real IP with hosting minecraft, so you'd need some form of DDOS protection.
    By the time you've paid for that you could've already bought an OVH Dedi and gotten it free.
    Plus, you'd spend a lot on electricity. I'm assuming you don't pay the bills but your parents do, they probably wouldn't be happy.

    It's so much easier just to buy a dedi and rent it rather than go through the hassle of homehosting.
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