Spigot Sell Stick // Sell Wand SellStick [1.8 - 1.16.4]

Use Sell Stick // Sell Wand to quickly sell everything inside a chest!

  1. Hey, PM me on discord and Ill help you


    Is it only GOLDEN_HOE that's causing this issue?
  2. I don't use discord sry, but yeah as far as i seen it is, could it because i am supporting 1.7-1.13? It seemed to work in 1.8 tomrrow i can test if it works in 1.13 still too?
    as far as i have tested its only golden hoe casuing the error it may be worth checking with other tool types (Diamond hoe, iron axe, etc)
  3. I'm not sure why it would be a version issue especially if the error you're getting is revolving around the item. If you could test other items and tell me the results that would be awesome.
  4. Players can use the sellstick in chest claimed by other factions, using factionsuuid
  5. Can you make it so that it uses ShopGUI+ prices

  6. This! Please - It'll take me hours to add all the items and prices :(
  7. Great plugin, simple and does the job.

    Can you add support for shopguiplus
  8. Do you support SkyblockEarth?
    And how does it look with 1.13 support?
  9. hello thanks for plugin, .... im runing 1.12 + grief prevent, .... any setings to cant use stick in other players claim. . . i found that i cant open other players chest in theyr own claimed teritory but simple can hit sell everything in theyr chests
  10. Reported it, and the author said to me that it's going to be fixed on the new version.
  11. Please add Towny support in 1.13
  12. shmkane updated Sell Stick // Sell Wand with a new update entry:

    Multiplier Support + Plugin Separation!

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  13. Hello I do not use askyblock but another plugin SkyblockEarth. could I even use the plugin?
  14. https://github.com/shmkane/SellStick/issues/new
    Add it here and assign it as a new feature request (on the right, labels)
  15. Have you considered adding Towny support?
  16. If enough people show interest in the github I will add it
  17. upload_2019-1-12_0-42-59.png
    Currently supports these versions. Message me on discord, maybe I can help you out shmkane#0001
  18. shmkane updated Sell Stick // Sell Wand with a new update entry:

    ASkyBlock + PlotSquared Updates.

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