Spigot SellChest [1.8-1.14] Automatically sell items in chests! (VoidChests) 1.1.2

A simple block that conveniently sells anything placed inside of it.

  1. Could we get some kind of configurable message when the chest sells the items telling the player how much they gained?

    Also the chest just looks like a chest. its hard to know that its a sell chest or just a normal chest when its placed. If you name a chest and then place it normally it changes the GUI title ( text at the top that says chest ) but due to how your placement works ( canceling the place and then setting it to a chest) The item name is lost and the chest menu looks normal.
  2. You're right- I didn't even realize the part about the GUI title.. will be sure to add that
    Also wouldn't sell messages be a bit spammy- especially if you have it hooked up to hoppers/a farm?
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  3. Regarding the spam yes I guess so maybe just an action bar message that pops up idk if they are worried about the spam they could always slow down the selling even with 4 hoppers pointing into a chest its going to take over 5 min to fill the chest ( if the items are stack able to 64 )

    Hmm that might make for an interesting plugin/feature have the chest sell only when powered by redstone that way a comparator could be used to detect when its full. Sadly idiots would make super fast clocks.... so thats a bad idea... Maybe just a sell when full option.
  4. Now that I think about it- the best solution is probably to message them their earnings every x seconds/minutes (like that prison plugin I can't remember):
    example: In the past 5 minutes your SellChest has earned $1000! (every 5 minutes)
  5. That could work.
  6. There we go, you can now set the chest message, and theres an interval message for earnings. Tell me if you get any issues :)
  7. Thanks, should be fixed in lastest update :)
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  9. My plugin doesn't directly hook into other plugins to check if you can break the chest. If you can't break the chest there are 2 possiblities:
    a. You aren't the owner of the chest & anyone-can-break: false (doubt it)
    b. Another plugin is not allowing you to break the chest- make sure you get permission from that plugin. Alternatively you can use /sc bypass to bypass other plugin's permission checks.

    Also in the future, you only have to ask for support in one place. Please do not create all 3- a discussion post, a private message, and a github issue. Just one is fine, thanks! :)