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  1. I am selling 2 very good documents that are amazing ideas. They are pretty much for HCF or classic factions but you can use them for whatever gamemode you wish. Comment down below if you wish to buy them for $5 - $10. The documents are unique ideas for bards and archers and custom enchanted ideas. No they are not the same as the ones from cosmicpvp or Arcane. These are different and unique. The ideas for the archers and bards are also nowhere else to be found and are very interesting and fun to play with. These are ideas that a developer can make.

    -If you would wish to buy them, comment down below

  2. Go to MC-Market to sell this. :)
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  3. I don't think you just saying "This is unique" is gonna be enough. I suggest giving an example. I don't see many people just buying this without some idea about whether this is worth it or not. And this isn't the place to sell stuff like this.

    EDIT: Snipped. Darn u Brett <3
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  4. I recommend putting them for sale on McSell.
    Spigot isn't really for this.
  5. ill give an idea, When an archers full set is green every 5 shots in a row give the enemy poison
  6. MCMarket or MCSell? Which one is better?
  7. Who says you can't do both? ;)
  8. You can always do both. MCMarket is larger, however McSell doesn't really BS the community.
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  9. true but its long to setup accounts but i got dedication :)
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  10. MCM is better for this, has a bigger community for this stuff. MCSell is a tryhard community.
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  11. But you've been trying hard to get unbanned on it :) Have a nice day Chump.
  12. Yeah, I have nowhere else to go, lol

    But for the purpose of OP, MCM is a better site for his documents. I feel MCSell is primarily focused on OGs.