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Discussion in 'Technology' started by dyroxplays, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Hi
    I have questions regarding the sale of plugins on

    1. When I sell a plugin for 10€ how much do i realy get on my paypal account?
    2. Can the buyer reclaim the payment?
    3. After a pay successfully: Does spigotmc autamaticly verfies the user or do i have to do this?
    4. What are the requirements to may sell a plugin?
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  2. Okay, thank you.
    With reclaim i mean the buyer protection of paypal, so maybe you know
    you can buy something and then you withdraw the money
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  3. You mean chargebacks/disputes, after a buyer buys something and then claims he didn't receive his items in order to get his money back.
    Unfortunately, this is possible for buyers, but Spigot will automatically remove them from the buyer's list and you can report the buyer so he can get banned for it because it's again the ToS to chargeback for bought resources.

    If you're afraid that your resource will be leaked, implement a good anti-piracy system (like DeluxeVouchers has too).
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  4. That i want to do, but i dont know how the buy system on spigotmc works.
    Can I do it so, that when buy accepted it forwarding to a external link?
    Or am i in the postion to get the username of the buyer?
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  5. You aren‘t able to redirect the download link of a premium plugin to an external link. Premium Plugins have to be uploaded directly to SpigotMc and require an approvement by the Spigot-Team.
    And yes, there‘s a buyer list where you can manage all the users that have access to your plugin.
  6. Okay, but how do i develop then a "Key-System"? When i cant get the unsername on buying and don't allowed to use external download linl...
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  7. I'm not sure an antileak system is allowed. I was told that I wasn't allowed to do this on Credits2Cash because then people wouldn't be able to use it when the server had no internet connection. (Still makes no sense for me, why would you want a ser.. Oh well)
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  8. It’s allowed as long there aren’t any external third-party processes when buying the resource.

    @dyroxplays, PM me your Discord. I’ll explain everything about anti-piracy and Premium plugin placeholders to use it with.
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  9. Benz56

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    Focus on improving your plugin not “piracy protection”.
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  10. For some (actually the most) developers here 'focus on improving your plugin' can be only done when the 'piracy protection' is good, to not let it easily (I'm not saying it's impossible) leak and that'll motivate the developer more, because he knows he can earn more with it.
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  11. Benz56

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    That doesn't make any sense.
    People who download leaked resources would in most cases never actually go ahead and buy it even if it was the only way to get it, which means you are not earning more. Wasting my time "piracy protecting" something does in no way motivate me; not the slightest. On-premise software can't be piracy protected. I could simply decompile your plugin, deobfuscate it, remove the "protection", and bam it is on a leaking site. (Hypothetically)
    But sure. Adding a layer of protection will make it harder for a leaker but it will in no way make it piracy-proof. You are going to need SAAS for that which is not allowed on Spigot.

    I'd rather focus on improving my plugins and keeping my focus on the people who have chosen to support me, instead of directing my focus towards those who never would.
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  12. Am i allowed to obfuscate the src?
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  13. Benz56

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    Yes you are. Read the resource guidelines :)
  14. By the looks of your account, you've got a way to go before thinking about selling plugins.
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  15. Optic_Fusion1

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    Obfuscation / DRM
    • You are allowed to obfuscate your resources, however the decompiled code must be somewhat legible by staff. We may request you use a different obfuscator or none at all.
  16. @dyroxplays
    This is simple to allow staff to see if there's anything in the code that might be seen as malicious.
  17. You cannot stop leaks. Just focus on making updates so you get more buyers buying it.
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  18. Paypal is absolute garbage. There is pretty much zero seller protection. They really should phase it out.