Selling Spawners in 1.8

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  1. Hey,

    Im having Difficulties selling spawners in 1.8, I was wondering if anyone knew of a fix for this.

    Everytime i put in the correct ID for a spawner, no matter what it turns out to be a Pig Spawner

  2. Yeah i've noticed this too.
  3. Depends what plugins you are using on my server it works fine but I don't know which plugin allows it to work sorry :(
  4. Are you running 1.8 @Alex49 Whenever i put in 52:93 Which is chicken it comes up with Pig still, Alot of people are haing this issue, but i cant find a fix
  5. I'm running 1.8.3 and i can do /spawner when i look at one and it changes which i can then get the ID of. I don't know why others can't do this
  6. Thats very weird, Im trying to change it on the signs, But it still placing down a default spawner
  7. I can change spawners and everything but when i try to buy a spawner from an essentials sign this is what happens:
    52:50 (creeper)
    It will buy a pig spawner for $1, but if you try
    52:50 (creeper)
    It will not allow you to sell a creeper spawner, you have to have a pig spawner (52:90)
  8. Im trying to make it So players can buy specific spawners with signs, not sell them
  9. You could use silkspawners and serversigns. That is what I use for my server.
  10. What commands do you type when you use serversigns to sell a mob spawner example a creeper spawner?
  11. /eco take [name] [amount]
    /give [name] 52:50 (creeper)
  12. What should i type on the signs and are you sure /give name 52:50 will work or /spawner creeper will work?
  13. you'll have to look at an item id, ik pigs are 90, creepers 50, enderman is like 52 or something you'll have to look em up, but yes it'll work.
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  14. I still want to use essentials signs to buy spawners.
  15. Then custom code essentials, and I don't know how to do this lol.
  16. in the end guys i used server signs which i already had and Silk spawners, I put the command to /spawner [Spawner Type] 1 Then set the price by doing /svs setprice
  17. What is [SpawnerType] 1?
    And what do you write on your sign?
  18. you would type /svs <server> /ss creeper 1 <player>
    Then you would add a price to it by typing /svs setprice {amount}
  19. Just to make this clear, /ss creeper 1 <player> only works the way you would want it to when it's ran through console. If you run the command like that, it would give you 1, then change the spawner type normally. I guess through console it doesn't check that, so ya that works. Just know, if you do this in crates or another plugin that runs a command through the player, try using /give (Check silkspawners, it's a command using nbt tags i believe).