Spigot SellWands (Abandoned) 1.2.8

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    Is it possible to make the item shine?
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  2. Please describe 'item shine'

    I'll be adding uses soon, just taking a short 30m - 1hr break atm.
  3. Good
  4. Type leaves the item enchanted
  5. Sure thing
  6. Add reload command
  7. Hi :D You can add a command for get the hoe, with a permission :D

    Something how:


    idk xD

    Thanks for the plugin :)
  8. This is already a thing:
    /sellwands give <player>
    with the permission sellwands.give
  9. Yes, but I do not want it to be given to other players. I just want a player to ask for it.

    Sorry for my english, is not very good...
  10. so you want the players to be able to spawn the items in themselves?
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  11. Yes, but with a permission. For example only vips can get the diamond hoe.
  12. fatpigsarefat updated ▶ SellWands ◀ | Wands which sell chests with a new update entry:

    A few things [enchantments, uses addition/fix, command changes, new config things]

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. Done:
    /sellwand, with the permission sellwands.giveself

    see update details for more information

    /sellwands reload

    /sellwands give <playername> [uses], if uses arg is not given it will use it from the config, if uses is set to 0 or below (e.g the default, -1) it will be an unlimited-use sell wand
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  14. When I try to use the item with an empty bau the number of 'uses' is spent
    You can put it to translate the "uses" ?

    Is it possible to add more than one line here?
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  15. Can you maybe add it so if the chest is empty it would say something like: There is nothing to sell inside this chest, It also takes away uses when a chest is empty