Send players to the last server they logged off from on join? (Aka log back to last server)

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  1. Is there a plugin or a way to make players go to the last server they logged off from?

    For example i have a bungeecord that uses my survival server as default forced server, then i have a secondary gamemode in a separate server that players can reach using a portal. I want players that log off from that server to be sent back to it when they log again in to my bungee ip.

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    > default forced server

    Don't set the proxy to force join them to the default server? The proxy literally already has this feature by default
  3. Yes you can use the module on Bungeecord: reconnect_yaml.jar. It saves the last disconnect server in the locations.yml file.
  4. Can you please provide any information about how to use this module?
    Did you mean that I can use this information if I build a plugin? or does this module help me do that as is somehow?

    Bump I've been trying to do that all day please someone help us
    my config: no longer needed solution below
    if I try to disable priorities I get:
    - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Server lobby (priority 0) is not defined

    when someone join the bungeecord he spawns at the hub, than when he go from the hub to the other server and than disconnect and join again he will go back to the hub instead of staying on that other server

    Exact Problem:
    1)player join bungeecord
    2)player spawn at hub
    3)player go to other world
    4)player disconnect
    5)player join
    6)player spawn at hub instead of other world
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  5. easy fix guys just go to modules.yml and enable reconnect around line 5 :)