Spigot Sentinel 2.1.5

Combat NPCs for Spigot!

  1. Hi, will the sentinel's be able to do the different classes? storm callers, warlock etc?
  2. Sentinels are what you make them!

    As far as combat capabilities, equipping them with different weapons gives them different powers - a sword, they'll swing it. A bow, they'll shoot it. A potion, they'll throw it. A nether star, will summon lightning for little apparent reason :p
  3. I have a sentinel configured to attack players who are holding a weapon. Is there a way to make the sentinel forgive/forget a target after the target leaves the area and only attack them if they pull out a weapon again?
  4. That is an option, yes. That should happen automatically if you have the NPC's range configured correctly. It will forget any target that has exited twice the attack range, or if they are untargetable for a long enough time.
  5. Awesome. I will check that out. Thanks. :)
  6. Hi, I was able to get the different Sentinel types to work, unarmed, potions throwers, archers... but when I do the one with Blazerod, the fireballs don't go anywhere... I thinks its worldguard and I went through and enabled each flag to see which one was blocking it. but still couldn't get the sentinel with the blazerod to fire?
  7. Can you support sentinels casting spells from the magic plugin?
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  8. Hi,
    I am having some problems with this plugin on my server.
    First off: Yes I do run a 1.8.8 server, so not 1.9.
    I know there is also a plugin called Sentry made by the same author, but I got word via via that the code is a total mess.
    The reason I switched to Sentinel is that my sentries were acting VERY strange. When you hit them they just stood there for like 5 seconds and then chased you a little, ran a little weird circle, hit you once and continued to stand still for another 5 seconds.
    This happend every time between punches.

    So I downloaded this plugin. It is generally functional, there is a Config file in my server plugins folder and I can run the /sentinel command.
    But when I do /NPC create <name> --trait sentinel I get a long error. Starting with: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.mcmonkey.sentinel.SentinelTarget

    When I hit the sentinel he does take damage, but he does not attack.
    And when I try to do anything with commands like /sentinel stats it tells me to "Select an NPC first". Even though I have already.

    So my question here is: Should this plugin work on 1.8? Or not at all?
    If yes: what am I doing wrong?
    If not: is there a way to solve the glitchy Sentry NPCs in the Sentry plugin for 1.8 (it used to work just fine in 1.7)

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  9. please tell me theres some way to make current sentries compatible with sentinels. If not- why in the hell did you do this? It seems to be a cc of sentry without some of the 'special' types based on equipped item.
  10. Minecraft is on 1.10 and you're stil on 1.8? That's two whole major releases behind! No, Sentinel does not support 1.8 or older, sorry. My best recommendation is that you simply update your server.

    Sentinel features a Sentry import command. If it inaccurately copies over any data, just report it on the issues page and restore your server to a backup copy of Citizens saves (which you would make prior to the sentry import to be safe). We'll fix it in short order, don't worry :)
  11. HI there ive just updated to 1.10 - sentry doesn't work on this I was going to import to sentinel but it wont seem to work as sentry isn't running is there a way to import when sentry isn't running or will I need to downgrade it all again to run the import

    couple of running queries

    also sentry had it so you can could fight them inside towny towns with pvp off, is this possible with sentinel, seems I cant damage them but they can me?

    Can you set a warning/welcome speech and range like sentry

    thanks for you amazing work on this
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  12. Yeah you should revert temporarily to backup from before the update, import, then re-update. Should be pretty simple if you have clean updating procedure.
    No plugin integration has been done yet, please put any thing as detailed as possible on the issues page and we'll add it soon.
    Oooh, forgot that. Same thing, issues page. Should be able to add that pretty quickly (Only not doing it literally right now because it's 7 AM, heh)
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  13. thanks mcmonkey

    No worries ill stick suggestions on the github page ?

    ha ha thanks yea far to early for that sort of thing XD
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  14. enterih


    could u add towny functions like sentry?
  15. Hey Im using this plugin now on 1.9 and I use the 0.5 version because sentry is bugged.
    All the commands are working perfectly but the sentinel does not attack me, I gave the npc --trait sentinel but still they wont attack me when I do /sentinel addtarget PLAYERS