Spigot Sentinel 2.1.5

Combat NPCs for Spigot!

  1. I have a paypal donation link available as well: https://one.denizenscript.com/donate

    I'm curious though - why do not like Patreon? Is there some problem with Patreon as a service, or are you just trying to avoid the recurring donation thing, or...?
  2. SlimeDog



    As for Patreon: Yet another online service holding my credit card (or bank routing) information. Why would I want that? One can set a recurring payment in PayPal, if desired.
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  3. Patreon supports PayPal payments though.
    Actually it does explicitly require that the PayPal account be backed by a debit/credit card (I guess to avoid fake subscriptions since they allow sub-now-pay-later) - though fwiw Patreon doesn't get your credit/debit card information through that route, they just see your PayPal account and a little flag saying "yes this is backed by a credit/debit card"

    ED: And thank you for the donation! <3
  4. enterih


    And i don't have a creditcard^^
  5. SlimeDog


    Since I have a PayPal account, Patreon is yet another online service that I don't need. I have nothing against them, but they don't offer a service that I need or want.
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  6. That would be a pretty solid limit, then! Makes sense.

    Fair enough!
  7. how to show damage on player attack ?
  8. Not sure what you mean?
    'on player attack' - when a player gets attacked by an NPC? When a player attacks an NPC? When a player-typed NPC attacks or is attacked?
    'show damage' - the visual damage effect? an added particle like hearts flying out? A chat or action bar message? ...?
  9. ok thanks man
  10. https://imgur.com/a/zKRAIOQ
  11. yes, you can help me ?
  12. That seems more like the domain of a different plugin to handle - probably doing it for all entities, not *just* NPCs.
  13. I have a problem. When an NPC tries to attack a mob it does not hurt it
  14. You may have player-controlling plugins interfering with that.
    ie: if your NPC is a player-type NPC, and default players (with no permissions) cannot attack mobs, then that NPC cannot either.

    If you can't just fix whatever plugin is blocking it, you may also want to try changing relevant Sentinel config options ('enforce damage', 'workaround damage', etc)
  15. sentinel with crackshot guns cannot damage players
  16. all weapons dont do damage against players wierd
  17. nvm i just needed to make a pvp region there