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  1. Is there any output from that NPC in your console when you enable "/sentinel debug"?
  2. When I enable Citizens debug-mode & debug-pathfinding, my console spams
    [07:35:50] [Server thread/INFO]: Repathfinding 1 due to speed change
    [07:35:51] [Server thread/INFO]: Repathfinding 2 due to speed change

    However when i disable both Citizens debug modes and in game just use the /sentinel debug in chat it shows;
    "[Sentinel] Toggled: true!"
    but nothing in the console.
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  3. I looked into it and I believe I've found the reason that occurred, and patched it in Sentinel build DEV-211+ ( https://ci.citizensnpcs.co/job/Sentinel/ )

    In short: Sentinel NPCs were constantly wanting to return to their guard zone, even when they hadn't left their guard zone ... so any active paths would break as Sentinel would send the NPCs back to where they were, path system sends them farther along, Sentinel sends them back, etc. on repeat.
    Should avoid that now.

  4. Falastar
    Thanks for the update. I tried the new version. Unfortunately, it does not fix the issue.
    Again I created a new npc on my castle wall. Created a 36 block long path that she walks to one end and back again with no problem. I then typed the /trait sentinel command and it adds it successfully. She then begins to spin around again. If I enter /trait sentinel again it removes it successfully and she goes back to pathing fine again.
  5. Woops - seems I missed a few lines that needed correcting for the same reason as my previous patch. I've tested and verified it does solve the issue now. Available in build DEV-212+ from https://ci.citizensnpcs.co/job/Sentinel/
  6. Woot! my guards are guarding and not twibbling about lol
    Thank you so much!
  7. Hello! Can you use mounted sentinels, like you could with sentries?

  8. You can mount any NPC freely in Citizens using "/npc mount --onnpc [id]"
    The NPC you have selected will be mounted onto the NPC with the specified ID.
  9. Thanks for your reply! I mounted my Sentinel on a horse NPC, but when I attacked him/added a player as a target, he did not retaliate or fight back until I dismounted him. Can he engage in combat from the horse?
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  10. Please add immunity to knockback command like /sentinel knockback 'true/false' when hit by arrow. Thank you. :)
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  11. mcmonkey updated Sentinel with a new update entry:

    1.8.5 Update - The Multi-Target Update!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. The plugin is really great ! But I don't understand why the NPCs with 'Realistic targeting' settings can't and don't want to hit whoever is shooting at them. I can only kill NPCs by standing next to them and shooting them , and they don't attack. Why?
  13. Mobs that are killed by sentinels still drop XP in 1.13 and when setting respawntime to -1 the sentinels don't delete themselves.
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  14. I was wondering if there was a way to run a command after a sentinel npc is defeated. I know I can add drops but I want to be able to add a permission to a player after they kill the npc. Thank you in advanced.
  15. Is that only with 'realistic' set? (ie, do they work perfectly fine in all regards with that turned off?)

    I'd recommend writing a quick Denizen script to accomplish that: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/denizen.21039/
    A simple assignment script with an "on death" action.
    If for whatever reason you really don't want to do that (though you should, Denizen is super handy), open an issue requesting a Sentinel feature addition here: https://github.com/mcmonkeyprojects/Sentinel/issues
  16. Yikes, appears there were a few errors with entity death handling... also appears trouble with that is the root cause of the errors that prompted the R2 build. I've patched this in build DEV-241+ https://ci.citizensnpcs.co/job/Sentinel/ and I'll likely release that on Spigot soon as an R3 once there's confirmation that it works fine for a few people.

    EDIT: I just realized I never even pushed the R2 build... well. I'll push a new build now
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  17. Alrighty, thank you.
  18. Thanks. The new version works fine , but.. None of the NPCs are not reborn. Previously without the /npc respawn they are perfectly revived. Now can't even respawn without setting it up . Why? ( Ie how much time has not been set using /. respawntime they use only the time from the /npc respawn )
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  19. Command '/sentinel Greeting' isn't working. Error : Could not pass PlayerMoveEvent to Sentinel 1.8.5...