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Combat NPCs for Spigot!

  1. Hi. These are probably noobish questions, and I'm assuming a lot of things I haven't tested yet. I have a world with Towny, and also, I have a specific area with mob spawners for various types of pillager mobs (a custom outpost if you will, as this was a world that was made way before 1.15 and got updated). Do you know if it'd be possible to create a "rebel" town with a Sentinel NPC as its mayor/leader? It'd be hostile to everyone and their territory would be protected from griefing, but I guess the NPC and the mobs would still attack anyone that wanders in. Also, I'm not sure, can Sentinel NPC's ignore hostile mobs? And, is there a way for hostile mobs to ignore an NPC?

    I'm not sure if Towny charges upkeep to an NPC led town, but, can you give money to the NPC (Iconomy for example)? Thanks in advance.
  2. Making a town of NPCs that hate everyone is as easy as making NPCs and then setting them to target everyone. Easier done than said.
    Sentinel NPCs only target mobs if you tell them to target mobs. Configure things however you want yourself!
    When in doubt, read the readme https://github.com/mcmonkeyprojects/Sentinel/blob/master/README.md and/or ask on the Discord https://discord.gg/Q6pZGSR

    Towny-specific compatibility I don't know about, as, er, I don't use Towny. There's an integration to target towns and/or ignore certain towns, but I don't know whether you can make NPCs *join* a town or have any towny logic apply to them.
    Giving money to an NPC is probably a no unless you set up some form of specific compatibility.

    If you want really in-depth NPC-related server customization, you might want to make use of Denizen -> https://guide.denizenscript.com/
  3. Does this integrate with FactionsUUID? Or Factions Blue?

    I have a server on MineHut and the original Factions plugin isn't available there.
  4. I made a Crackshot weapon that has the explosion potion effect. It works well when I am shooting to other players. But it is not working with the Sentinel. It can not cause an explosion potion effect when the Sentinel shot to the players. Sorry for my English is not very good.
  5. Sentinel only has integration for the official release of Factions. Some Factions alternatives are actually unsupportable entirely (like FactionsUUID) due to them using conflicting plugin names & classpaths. They'd have to fix those issues before Sentinel would be able to support them. Factions alternatives that use properly distinct names&classpaths are open to be supported if you post a Sentinel issue @ https://github.com/mcmonkeyprojects/Sentinel/issues

    BTW, re minehut, refer to: https://wiki.citizensnpcs.co/Freque...s.2C_Minehut.2C_....29_but_there.27s_problems

    The Sentinel crackshot integration just kinda pretends the NPC is a player and tells crackshot that the "player" is clicking. If specific things don't work, there isn't much I can do about it. You might be interested in trying QualityArmory, which is an alternative to CrackShot (I think it's a fork of CrackShot actually) that has their own proper Sentinel integration and would probably be better able to avoid problems like that.
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  6. Thanks a lot, mcmonkey. I have very little idea about distinct names and classpaths, so I would probably be suggesting blindly.

    Appreciate the speedy reply and your work! :)
  7. Just to clarify, you added full support from versions 1.8 to 1.15?
  8. 1.15.2 is fully supported. 1.14.4, 1.13.2, 1.12.2 are mostly supported (might have some version inconsistencies but should work), 1.8.8 is minimum as-is supported - meaning it's technically compatible but it works however well it does or doesn't and I can't help much with issues related to 1.8. Refer also to the general Citizens policy on 1.8 https://wiki.citizensnpcs.co/Minecraft_1.8
    (1.9/1.10/1.11 aren't officially supported at all by Citizens or related plugins due to having <1% serverbase).

    Generally, all servers are strongly advised to update to 1.15.2 as soon as reasonably possible (according to bStats, almost 60% of servers globally are now updated to 1.15.2!)
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    2.1.5 Update - MC 1.16 Support

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