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  1. For my networks survival server I am wanting to have a main world and then a a resource world that gets reset every so often.

    I was brainstorming ideas on how to accomplish this. My first thought is to use Multiverse obviously and setup some form of script to delete the world and regenerate a new one every month lets say. A Main issue I can think with this is I would still need to setup a world border for the world. I am also wanting users to be randomly teleported when entering the world. Possibly even have a timer to display but that is not really required.

    I cannot really find a good way to do this, and I have searched through a few plugins. Does anyone have some sort of system that is similar to this that could give me some pointers? Any help is appreciated.
  2. This may not be 100% what you are looking for, but when I had my server, I just did things manually.

    Every couple of weeks, I would run a 2nd server to pre-gen my resource world. Once it was ready, I would stop my main server, delete the resource world, plop the new one in, and it was good to go.
    I used MultiVerse obviously, as well as WorldBorder to set the border. Then I just used a randomTP plugin, which I had a sign set up at the ResourceWorld's spawn (the sign they could only use every hour or so, to not abuse it)

    I understand you are looking for a script, in my opinion, I dont really like things like this automated, as something could easily break there, and you wouldnt even know it. This is why I prefer to manually do these tasks. Its not like they're hard tasks to accomplish.
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  3. I completely agree with this. Resetting the resource world automatically would be ideal but there could be so many problems with that. Your best bet would be just to download a random teleport plugin and then set up a system where players are auto teleported on spawn in the resource world. You could do this via command blocks, skript plugins, or by making your own plugin that hooks into multiverse and executes the random tp command on spawn. :)
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  4. This does seem like a good solution since I do t anticipate hordes of members depleting the world each reset, I could calmly do this about once a month and when ever the server reboots on schedule it will load up the new world. I'm on my phone. Currently so this might be a stupid question but if I rpegenerate a world on a separate server it will keep world border data correct? And as long as the main server has the world border plugin and what not it would really just be plug in play after getting it ready.
  5. Correct, the world folder does not save any plugin data.
    One thing I would recommend, is maybe a plugin or something where when players log out, if they are in the resource world, to TP them back to the main world (spawn or home or something)
    This way whenever you reset the resource world, if the seed changes, the players whom then log into that world aren't going to suffocate.
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