Separate thread per world?

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  1. Hey
    Does each world tick on a separate thread? or is it the same?
    Thinking about making a separate world people can play on and encourage them to do so, so instead of having 120 people on one world, we get 40-60 to go to another world causing less load on the main thread. anyone know if there's any performance increase in doing so?
    I read somewhere a while back that it was possible but not sure if it was implemented.
  2. Both worlds will still be using the main thread, but will have to process more chunk updates therefore creating more lag. If you're looking to reduce lag you could split your players up into 2 different servers each with their own world
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    Better to just run separate servers per world with bungee
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  4. I guess that would be the best solution, but players would be split between servers and I'd have to make sure all plugins broadcasts messages over bungee instead of just the single server and have to make sure they synced values over a database somehow.
    or would it be possible to somehow tell a server to handle the ticking of a world on another server, so server A handles world, world_nether, world_the_end and plugins, server B handles world_2 or something like that but talks with server A when it comes to plugins or would that just take too much work?
  5. I highly doubt that this would be possible. If you need to expand over multiple servers, you're gonna have to centralize your data to have it synchronized between all servers. This can be achieved by having some sort of central file or database server.
  6. Yeah :/ Easier if all plugins we made custom for this purpose, but we're running Towny which doesn't allow cross server towns so I don't think it'd work sadly
  7. Towny is an extremely outdated plugin nowadays. It's barely maintained and it's also extremely poorly put together... Someone should redo it and make it public for everyone to use.

    Even so, what's stopping you from using a central file server to synchronize towny files?
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  8. We're using a database with towny and most plugins load files into memory and store when server shuts down, worried it'll overwrite and break.
  9. simpleauthority


    Take a backup. Take a second backup. Take a third backup. Take another one and put it on a flash drive. Then move your data to the central server, hook up the new database settings in all your plugins, and give it a test-run. All's well? Go!
  10. Not outdated at all, it still receives updates when required and at this point it's probably one of the only plugins to have existed since the hmod days aside from World Edit.
  11. Back in 1.9.2 when I still had a towny server, the data storage was still using usernames instead of UUID's. I hope at least that has updated. Last time I used it, it was horrible. The fact that it has existed for so many years makes me worried about the code quality. Has there ever been a propper recode?
  12. Towny is nice, works through updates, can't say we've experience any issues or bugs with it that hasn't been fixed (been running towny for 18 months now)
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