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  1. So, im making cmdblock based minigames and I came across one problem. I want people to see (for example) in One In A Quiver a scoreboard, that counts players kills, or in sumo, so the player will be able to see remaining lives of his enemies. But the problem is, that I cant have separated scoreboards, so only people in the minigame can see it. Well i can with /scoreboard objectives setdisplay<color>, but with this I can only make 16 separated scoreboards and thats not enough, if I want to have more than 16 minigames/arenas in future.

    So is there a plugin, that can separate minecraft vanilla scorebards based on somethink else than team color ? (team name, etc.) I looked for it, but I only found scoreboards for money, time, time spent on server, total player kill, etc. But It didnt supported minecraft scoreboard input. Please help
  2. Why dont you merge the scoreboards or make one higher priotry on the EventHandler
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  3. Well I cant really merge the scoreboards and I see that you are talking about programming.....and Im not really a programmer. Im just looking for a plugin or somethink that can do it.
  4. I mean are they priumium plugins and do you have src?
  5. If you're looking for a scoreboard plugin there are some out there.
    You would have to get the players in the minigame, then give those players the scoreboard, and remove it when they finished the minigame.
    This will make it to where only players in that minigame/arena see it and others won't.
    Allows for unlimited amount of arenas.
  6. Thats exactly what I want, the problem is, that loads of them doesnt support cmd block input(scoreboard show/hide) and some dont support vanilla minecraft scoreboard objectives input (for example player kill scoreboard minecraft raises automaticaly, but in the plugin I would have to input it manually :/