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  1. I'm thinking of going with SerenityServers for hosting as they seem to be cheap (in Gmod as well which I need) however the amount of 5* reviews is actually suspicious. Can anyone confirm that they are in fact legit and worth the cash.
  2. I've never heard of SerenityServers/ BlazeHosting. Both seems new.

    But if you're really worried about scams and all that. Have a look at Intreppid ;). Its a bit* pricey but its all worth it.
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  3. Thanks, guys. Really, as the server is just starting, I want something that I can run it on cheap to attract people. I'll then be able to pay for something more premium. For testing/maintenance, I'll probably just run it myself for a couple of hours to try things out.
  4. Looks good, but I'm UK based and I really can't afford whatever $240 is in £
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  5. we both use the same backbone system for billing. We have multiple dedicated servers that are not being used so our systems dont undergo any stress at all.
  6. Hey guys,

    My friend coledidy used to work for a company previously owned by the guy who owns Apparently, this guy owns a lot of hosting companies. Cole wanted me to help him start a hosting company. So I offered to help with a few things. I decided the name should be AceNode. Now the guy who owns it saw that cole wanted to start a company after cole linked a page to his kickstarter. He then stole the name idea and bought the domain according to cole. He also did the same thing for blaze hosting. He stole that name from cole.

  7. The BlazeHosting company is under new management, the previous Owner is no longer operating the company. I am sorry about this incident but that owner has since then left the company.
  8. Ok, that is good to know. Didn't know you guys had gotten a new owner.

  9. Although I do not know either of the companies listed, the only reason why their payment system looks the same is because they are using WHMCS, which is a popular billing system that many providers uses (albeit some may customize the look of it, but is still WHMCS nonetheless). As far as pricing goes, can't speak for that. Just wanted to point out why the payment system layout looks the same.
  10. I use Intreppid.
  11. You defiantly beat prices eh?

    I didn't know companies were defiant.
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    What type of hosting and budget do you actually need/have? If you want shared hosting for Minecraft literally any host will do, just find one that's not brand new or has good reviews on Google.`
  13. Check out Intreppid's minecraft hosting packages. I think you're looking at their dedi servers. :)
  14. I was an actual client, but since I gave them a bad review they are gonna make it like I have fake accusations
    BlazteToToast never owned the company BTW. Zack is behind most of these accounts praising him. Zack kept hogging the company until BlazeToToast dropped the deal. Zack stop trying to praise yourself
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  15. BlazeToast was In Active and was driving the company into the ground, the only reason that there is some back reputation going around is because he didn't offer good support to BlazeHosting's clients. Zack is doing what is best for the company and its clients. Zack took back the company because Blaze wouldn't respond to him, and the clients didn't like it when he had control over the company. We are now moving forward with the company and expanding our services, if you don't like the company for whatever reason, you can talk with me about it on LiveChat, I will make sure to hear you out.
  16. I would also like to provide some evidence of Hex (Scriptonator) trying to scam us. Posting in a few minutes.
  17. If I may provide "The Jury" (Forum Members) some evidence of Hex trying to scam us:

    Chat Log from Tuesday, May 26 2015, 15:42


    Chat Log from Tuesday, May 26 2015, 15:15 (Same Day)




    So please dear sir, stop trying to create fake accusations. We have logs of everything :)
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  18. He has been harassing our Support team this past week, if it doesn't stop. Legal action will be taken. We have all your IP logs, even the one's you used with a proxy @Scriptinator Also, please note he created a spigot account today and only posted one comment which was on this thread. He is trying to ruin our reputation because he wasn't able to scam us. If you would like Video proof, other than screenshots, I can Skype Screen share with any of you.
  19. Sorry that You guys had to see this, but he has been non stop harassing us, I have more logs that we suspect is him where he curses us out for Not giving him his "Server" that he ordered.
  20. I'm confused how come you posted this?
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