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  1. I am running a MC network with BungeeCord but the issue is I am running it with Multiple hosts.
    G-portal GGServers and fluctishosting. It is fine but Although i have setup correctly ip-forward is not working, all players have same ips and cannot join from server1/server2 they must join from bungeecord. Please help! TY
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    That's how bungeecord works, they have to connect via bungeecord in order to be able to take advantage of how it works.

    You also need to enable bungeecord mode inside spigot.yml if you're using spigot, there is no support for craftbukkit.
  3. I know but I need IPForward, i will use IPWhitelist but I need IPS to be seperate
  4. It ruins the point of IpBans
  5. Are you sure that the Spigot server(s) are running in offline mode?
  6. I'm pretty sure its Bungeecord unless its both servers. I have removed both one at a time and its still not working...
  7. When someone tries to leave/join a server, are there any errors thrown in either server or the BungeeCord server? If so, please post them.
  8. no just
    [m[2K 21:38:53 [INFO] [/(IP HERE, SECURITY REASONS)] <-> InitialHandler has connected
    [m>[2K 21:46:34 [INFO] [/(IP HERE, SECURITY REASONS)] <-> InitialHandler has connected
    [USERNAME] <-> ServerConnector [sb1] has connected
  9. When the player gets disconnected while trying to join serverB from serverA using the /server command, what is the message shown?
  10. What do you mean? When they join from SB1 not Bungeecord?
  11. If so: If you wish to use IP Forwarding, Please enable it in your bungeecord config
  12. And I'm assuming you've enabled it? If so, make sure to restart BungeeCord
  13. I have restarted it multiple times
  14. "GGServers".

    If you are using this, first correct the serious issue of using GGServers. Everyone will thank you.

    Then look up a guide to setting up bungeecoord, you do not seem to know what it is, why it is needed or how it works, and correcting that will fix all your problems with it.
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  15. Also, please stop double posting... there's an edit button for a reason.
  16. Look under where it says "_dapickaxegamer_, Today at x:xx". You should see the options "Edit Deleted Report". Click edit. Also, follow what @FlyingLlama said.
  17. I have done that @FlyingLlama but its still not working!