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  1. Hey guys i'm close to fully releasing my server and i need some good efficient ways to advertise this wonderful server that i hope to one day have 100+ players on at the same time :)
    please message me ideas or reply down below please id really appreciate it :)
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    As you didn't specify whether you wanted free or paid methods, I figured I'd just list a bunch..
    • Voting Lists - Do not overdo this. Having your server on 10+ listings will not improve player counts, as the other sites do not get enough traffic to make it worthwile. And, the visitors they do get are just from the other servers (their players coming to vote and then leave). Having it on 3-5 sites works best. I've listed the ones I feel are most beneficial below.
    • Threads - Posting threads on forums is great. More often than not, players are always looking for exiting new servers to play on, over joining the large ones and being at a disadvantage due to other players having a head start. A great thing to do is to also constantly bump your submissions (within their guidelines), so it's always at the top of the page.
      • MCF
      • PMC (also use their chat room and constantly post [within their constraints/rules])
    • Communities - There are a few communities of players who just want to try new things. If you do a bit of searching, you can find a few others and bring in a few new players.
    • Sponsored Listings - This is a paid method that'll bring you to the top of the sites for a certain amount of time. Going full out on this could be expensive, so, you could always find someone who's renting time and go with that. This is one of the best methods to use.
    • Social Media Campaigns
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • YouTube
    • YouTubers
      • Lots of smaller creators over 1 large one (use this site to help you find some)
    It is important to remember that these methods will only bring in the players. Its your job to keep them. I wouldn't advise launching your server until every single aspect as been thoroughly tested.
    • All plugins are up-to-date and are configured really well
    • All aesthetics look pleasing (builds, graphics, website, etc)
    • All messages follow the same theme and aren't spammy/in your face
    Stuff like that.
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  3. Hey mate interested in helping out with a few things on my server if so please reply
  4. I can help you. Add me on discord: SoppeJam#7117

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