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  1. Hi just a little description of the server and why im here

    I own a server named welishcraft , we did natrual advertising my friends of us and it was a good idea (city roleplay) getting the day of launch 40 players and averaging 20-35 every day until it started to die due to alot of players losing motivation because hackers would raid wild bases and alot of them lost jobs to government change yadah yadah its really specific.

    we are looking for good ways to advertise a server preferably youtubers , we dont have an extreme budget but any advice/help would be amazing
  2. The money youtubers ask the last 2 years vs 5 years ago, has increased by a tenfold it seems. Ridiculous prices. They all think they're god.
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  3. FYI, this is not the place to advertise. Server lists are :)
    Even if advertising was allowed here, most of us are just developers and most likely won't want to join a random server here.

    I've got 0 subscribers and average 0 views a video. I'll make a 10 second promo for your server if you pay me $2,000.. minimum.
  4. That's actually dirt cheap compared to others I've seen. YouTubers have balls of steel, I'll give them that