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  1. I have noticed that players don't like to stay on my server unless someone else is on. Could someone give me advice on getting like 5 or more players on 24/7? I would appreciate it if you know that what you post actually works. If needed I can spend $50 on advertising, but I would like to stay under that. Also, is google ads any good for a minecraft server?
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  3. Maybe people don't like playing on your server cuz if you click the compass and try to select a server it says "Why are you even trying?"
    I need to do either /server or I need to jump into a portal to join.
    Then remove the compass?


    You've got a /warp pvp at OP Prison, so I assume we can pvp.
    But there are NO kits.
    And we don't get a sword in our starter kit.

    About Factions? Yeah.
    I can't tell anything about that.

    Factions is down for "maintence"...
  4. Factions is down for matenence because it is being improoved... In your typical prison server they don't allow swords. That is why you can enchant axes to get sharpness. The compass is being worked on. That isn't telling me what I need to do to get people on.