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  1. Hello,

    I'm currently looking for a dedicated server. I plan on hosting many servers including: Spigot, Bungee, FTB, Pixelmon, Teamseak, web servers and other smaller servers.

    I am looking at IOFlood and ServerMania. I know that a lot of other companies resell IOFlood servers and i have heard a lot of good things about them. The 2 servers i am looking at are:

    2x Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 (16 cores)
    128GB Ram
    250GB SSD (Is it better to get 2x 128GB SSD's in raid 0? Some people say yes and some say no)
    10TB on 1gbps connection
    20gbps DDoS protection


    Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 (4 cores)
    32GB Ram
    128GB SSD
    10TB on 1gbps connection
    20gb DDoS protection

    I will either get 1x E5-2650v2 server or get 3/4x E3-1270v3 servers. Do you think it would be better to go with Server2 and even out the load or go with Server1? Please don't say OVH (or any other OHV brands).

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  2. Psychz-Jimmy


    I would get multiple E3-1270v3's.
  3. Out of these CPU's what would be the best for Minecraft?
    Intel Xeon E3-1240v2
    Intel Xeon E3-1230
    Intel Xeon E3-1230v2
    Intel Xeon E3-1270v3

    ServerMania have:
    Intel Xeon E3-1240v2
    32GB DDR3 Ram
    120GB SSD
    10TB on 1gbps
    And 1gbps DDoS protection
    All for $89
    Would that CPU be any good for Minecraft or is it worth the extra money for a E3-1270v3?
  4. Psychz-Jimmy


    Higher clock speeds will work better on Minecraft so a 1270v3 or 1271v3 if possible.
  5. Would the E3-1240v2 be any good at all? I think i might start with a couple of them then move into the higher end servers when needed.
  6. RSNET-Radic


    The 1270 V3s are the best. The 1240 V2s are great too, but you might as well go with OVH over ServerMania. They are both located very close to each other, but OVH has much better connectivity.
  7. Server mania has good machines and connections, i was using them for many months, and later switched to sys because is cheapest
  8. I used ServerMania for a couple of months. I found their service really good