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    I've been reading around a bit, and trying to find the best/most efficient method to take server backups.

    I've seen a few methods, using rsync and zips/tars, but was wondering what methods you use, and what you'd suggest?

    Some information:
    - MCPC+ modded server
    - Server folder is roughly ~10GB, may grow
    - World folder is roughly ~3GB, may grow
    - Linux (Ubuntu) OS

    If you need anymore information off me, I'd gladly assist.


    Edit: Currently I've settled for this, adapted from something else I saw, using cronjob to run it every 24 hours..

    Code (Text):
    rm -rf $bakdir/backup_`date --date='4 days ago' +%F`
    cp -alv $bakdir/backup_`date --date='1 days ago' +%F` $bakdir/backup_`date +%F`
    rsync -av --delete $src_tekkify $bakdir/backup_`date +%F`
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