Server being "Killed" at startup

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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm hosting a private Spigot server on an Azure Linux VM with Ubuntu Server 20.04. It's supposed to have 4-15 players, just my friends and I. The main goal is to have my Java and Bedrock friend plating together, so the only plugins I have installed are Geyser and Floodgate.

    I intended to keep it as cheap as possible since the beginning, so I started testing with a B2 sized VM (2 core, 2 GB RAM). It was able to handle a Vanilla Server, but as soon as I put Spigot in it, the server was being killed during startup, when loading the Nether word. I though it was too much to expect from my poor VM, so I scaled up to a B2s sized machine (2 cores, 4 GB RAM). It was able to handle Spigot, but as soon as I put Geyser and Floodgate, it wouldn't start, once again, the process was killed during startup

    The only way now to make ir work is by using a S2ms VM (4 cores, 8 GB RAM), but it costs around $60 per month and that's just too much.

    While the server is running, I can see the CPU and RAM usage don't even reach half of the capacity, and I don't want to pay for resources I'm not using.

    Do you have any idea of what could I do so the server is able to startup with 4 GB of RAM, what should I tweak and optimize?
  2. Just go for a minecraft host directly, itll be way more cheaper and youll be able to achieve what you want. VPS prices are expensive bc you can do a lot of stuff at the same time on it. In your case, you only need it for one application.
  3. I would suggest you to try Contabo (, they have really cheap VPS plans, with some cons, but for your usage it will be enough. You could also try to switch for some more optimised core (PaperSpigot, ...).
  4. Java Xms and Xmx arguments set?