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  1. Hey,
    I've seen a few servers just recently with a CDN (content network delivery) allowing a server to be essentially hosted worldwide and get given good ping at every major location.

    How can this be achieved?

  2. Something like ProxyPipe.
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  3. Geo-Located IP addresses.

    Basically they have IP addresses located across the world so that locals connect to the closest Geo-Located IP. You can achieve this by having one or more IPs as a load balancer that servers deliver content from to the Geo-Located addresses.

    A service that can do this is CloudFlare, spigot uses it.
  4. Yeah I use cloudflare for my websites, but how would it be implemented?
  5. CloudFlare by default (or by configuration) offers your website using Geo-Located solutions. They are a massive content delivery network. You should look into their CDN information and see if it's free or a paid solution you can opt-in to.
  6. Just looking at all these replies, I have no idea how much this would cost networks to do but I would love to see this on the Hive and Hypixel. Especially Hive since it is in the EU and I get 350 ping from Australia :(. @clankstar <3
  7. What would I be looking for, for the ability to do this.

    My thoughts exactly
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  9. I only know about geo-locating ips, load balancing and content delivery networks. I have not used them, so I suggest you contact CloudFlare (by email or phone) to better understand how to get your content delivered in this way.

    I know they offer a CDN subdomain which is geo-located, though.
  10. Oh okay. Will do!

    Thankyou :)

    P.S I'm not 100% sure if this actually works. I am still getting about the same connection as I usually would with bows and all

    If anyone wants to try it
  12. I believe that Minecraft doesn't work with CloudFlare's CDN, if that's what you want to do. It works with stuff like web servers though.
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  13. Ahh, what would I use then?
  14. CDN is useful and increases speeds if you have a lot of traffic which can be cached (images, videos, CSS/JS etc). There's little in Minecraft which you can cache.
  15. That is where I am confused. You have nothing to cache on a server, so thus a CDN is useless yet many server use it and it increases my connection speeds from a 300ms to a 70-80ms ping while pvping. It is noticeable during bow fights. So what is it doing?
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    That's not a CDN, that's just geo-located proxies.
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  17. And so essentially what they just run their dedicated server through a proxy that is located closest to the player and this increases the connection speed?