Server chrast als ik BungeeCord der in doet

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  1. Beste Spigot. Ik heb al 5x geprobeerd om van spigot BungeeCord gemaakt maar als ik dat doet chrast mij server meteen maar dan gaat ie ook niet meer aan! Dan moet ik gewoon een emaildje sturen naar Server.Pro om te vragen of ze me server weer aan kunnen doen!
    Ik hoop dat jullie me snel kunnen helpen!

    (Me server is betaald trouwens)

    M.V.G: SamBrans
  2. Dear @BouwvakkerSam,
    As you noticed this is an english forum and ONLY english is allowed here.
    I'm dutch too so I'll try to explain it to you in english.

    I suggest to contact to fix that. Please include your console log to allow us to give you further support.
  3. Hello @Christophe6.
    Can we miss it so I will send me an email to you and chat me through email?
  4. @BouwvakkerSam
    I am not an helpdesk if you mean that. I'll try to solve your problem here.
    People having the same problem in the future have to be able to view the solution.
  5. Question: why would you want Bungee? Is this even supported by your hosting company?


    So I looked around on and well, 2 things... The prices are a bit steep in my opinion (they don't provide much memory even though that's a very important factor) but I also noticed that BungeeCord is only supported by so called Premium accounts.

    Just to rule out the obvious: you're not using a free account, right?

    Also: I think you'd be much better off using something like Multiverse (plugin) instead. It won't get you fully separated servers, but it can go a long way. Especially if you add something like perworldinventory.
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