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  1. Hey! I am setting up and also hosting my own Server...

    Now whilst setting it up in english (Which is not my native language)
    I realized that people further away from where I am hosting the server might have
    a harder time connecting to it (I am talking about increased lag)
    So I am asking whether these server communication-issues are intense enough
    to overthink setting it up in and for my native language

    awaiting response... :(
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  2. Just as an example from a hosting company, some of our US servers are located in Dallas, TX (central USA) and I'm in the UK which is almost directly on the other side of the world - yet I still get a ping of around 100ms which is good enough to play without lag - despite the distance, however I know that people from places like central Asia and Australia will have high ping that will cause a lot of latency lag.

    The ideal way to solve this would be to have servers on all inhabited continents and use a CDN-type system that will connect players to nearest servers, however this would be very expensive. The best way to do it is have your server hosted on east-coast USA where people both from North America and Europe will have a lag-free connection.
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  3. well... thanks for the reply ^^ i'll just make it in both english and german then
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