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    Just wondering Spigot Community,

    Have you guys ever ran a competition before for prizes? In specific, tangible prizes? (a physical item)

    If so, how did it go for you?

    Thoughts, comments, ideas, recommendations are greatly appreciated. :)
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  3. One and old server I used to run, we had a build contest and sent out t-shits to the winner.
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    How did that go for you?
  5. Fine, he got it and was happy. Cheap too b/c he was from Australia.
  6. Sounds like a cool idea MICHAELBYRNEfbi, thats the first I have heard of someone giving away something from a minecraft server, its usually just a rank or a in game object.
  7. Well, I thought it would be fun, they all worked really really hard. It also makes the server seem like more of a community in my opinion.
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    Well i give out gift codes often. I have mailed 2 when requested (the actual card ones).
    Nothing i normally do how ever.
  9. Im thinking about sending out ipods or ipads in a contest
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  10. Not really tangible, but we had an 80 steam game weekend give away a few weeks ago. Went pretty well. As for tangible items, not sure how well it would go down since some people are a little effiy (not even a real word I know) about giving out their names and addresses. Also might be a little more hard if the player is from a not so good country/town. (Hate to use the word good, but seemed better the dodgy).
    I believe has a pretty decent range of item MC related items and ship to a lot of places, they cover the postage and tracking as well which is a little simpler.
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    cheers guys.
  12. Had a survival games tourney and the prize was my ex, his (the winner) mom did not agree.
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