Server completely messed up after pc crashed

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  1. Hello, Alright so.
    I'm working on a server and have come really far and feel like I can release it very soon. But today I stumbled upon a problem. A huge problem.

    I was working on server as usual when all of a sudden my pc froze for a couple of seconds then prompted me with a bluescreen. I thought nothing much of it, let it work and reboot by itself. Logged back in, booted up the server and oh my god the console started flooding with errors which surprised me a lot. I didn't have a single error before the crash. I joined the server and it was completely changed. So many plugins had reverted back to default and some plugins was just messed up.

    • Quests reverted from GUI to Text
    • NPC skins reset
    • MOTD was reset
    • Auto messages that are being sent every 2 minutes or so reset
    • Commandsign broke none of the signs work
    • Server icon reset to default

    Probably tons of others things that are broken too this just recently happened and im in shock. I dont get how this much stuff can change from a pc crashing. Everything was saved about 30 minutes prior to the crash. Server was even restarted then. And plugins that i havent even touched in weeks are messed up i really dont see a pattern here. It's not just stuff i have worked on recently but old stuff messed up too.

    One more weird thing is the log file. It looks really weird after my pc crashed. There are a bunch of numbers and letter all over. I'll give you an example

    Before crash:
    After crash:

    Does anyone have any clue of what might have happened and how i can revert and fix it? I'd appreciate it a lot of someone could look into this. Here are log files from both before and after the crash

    Before crash:
    After crash: (Without all the numbers)

    I can't wrap my brain around this at all. How can one crash affect this much? Even stuff that's been untouched for weeks. What was it that broke it all?

    I really hope there's a way to revert all this because it's gonna take me forever to get things back to the way they were.

    Appreciate all the help i can get, Thanks
  2. Are the files directly on your PC, or on some hosting company? Do you have backups?
  3. I'm hosting the server on my pc while developing it and i do have a backup but from about two weeks ago. Got a lot of stuff done since then. Do you have any idea of what could have gone wrong during the crash and why so many plugins got messed up?
  4. It looks like it can't load any of your plugins config.yml files. I would restore all the .yml files in the plugin folder and subfolder from your two week old backup.

    I would also suggest making a backup now, so you can get back to this point.

    Another possibility is to restore everything except your world .mca files.

    The problem with reading the log file might be that you need to use Notepad++ to read it.

    My theory on how often to make backups is to decide how much work I'm willing to lose. If I'm willing to lose 6 hours of work, then I'll make backups every 6 hours.
  5. Yeah, Guess i'll have to run the backup and redo everything. Most config files have reset to default anyways so there's no way to restore them. Sucks, really. Worst thing about it all is that earlier yesterday i thought about backing everything up again but i got lazy and didn't feel like stopping server to copy everything, I thought. "What could go wrong? Nothing bad has ever happened to me while developing"

    Lesson learned i guess, Thanks for the reply.

    Also, Opening the file in notepad++ did get rid of all the numbers.
  6. If the plugins wrote their default configs back, that would mean they can access their respective plugins subfolders. So if you just restore the two-week-old configs, you'll probably be in decent shape.
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