Server Consistently Crashing

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  1. Running a 1.14.4 Spigot server. Crashes a lot, which seems weird to me, since it is using < 3.5 gbs of ram out of the 10 i have allocated.

    Timings Report:

    Attatched console of latest crash.

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  2. I think it's saying the server spent too long trying to save the world. Try removing Dynmap and removing a bunch of entities.
  3. Thank you for your reply. My players enjoy using the Dynmap, is there possibly any way to keep the dynmap and resolve the issue? Make it update less or something like that?
  4. Haven't used Dynmap before but if I looked at the correct Dynmap Github, it should be somewhere around these things in configuration
    Code (Text):

    # How often a tile gets rendered (in seconds).
    renderinterval: 1
    # How many tiles on update queue before accelerate render interval
    renderacceleratethreshold: 60
    # How often to render tiles when backlog is above renderacceleratethreshold
    renderaccelerateinterval: 0.2
    # How many update tiles to work on at once (if not defined, default is 1/2 the number of cores)
    tiles-rendered-at-once: 2
    # If true, use normal priority threads for rendering (versus low priority) - this can keep rendering
    # from starving on busy Windows boxes (Linux JVMs pretty much ignore thread priority), but may result
    # in more competition for CPU resources with other processes
    usenormalthreadpriority: true
    # Save and restore pending tile renders - prevents their loss on server shutdown or /reload
    saverestorepending: true
    # Save period for pending jobs (in seconds): periodic saving for crash recovery of jobs
    save-pending-period: 900
    Maybe tiles rendered at once or renderinterval? Can't really be sure, srry.