Server Console Errors

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by trisgaming, May 31, 2015.

  1. Are you using custom plugins?
    If so it might be that.
    Also i see its having issues connecting to mysql.
  2. Nah, most of our plugins are from here or bukkitdev.
  3. most? that means one or more could be custom xD

    yeah it's mysql troubles there :p
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  4. Ok, none are custom, some plugins from here and some from bukkit.
  5. Try disabling plugins one by one, until there is no more error. That should help you figure out what's causing it.
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  6. Thanks, I found out my DeathMEssages plugin wasn't updated and LegendQuest was having some issue with the skills.
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  7. Have you seen my thing before, i know this is common knowledge but i literally tell everyone this.
  8. Nope, this is just what I used to do when I worked at a server.
  9. Ok lol.