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  1. Hi my server have litebans (premium plugin) and have litebans don't payed this server have a Punish??
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    What? How do you know they didn't pay?
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  3. I have payed litebans but didn't payed it hacking my console
  4. Are you saying they copied your server because they use one plugin which you also use?

    Edit: I still don't know what you are saying.
  5. Contact the plugin author.
  6. Yes they download my files and nightraid use my configs plugins and litebans (premium) -> Litebans nightraid didn't payed it
  7. What you can do is contact their host (if you have logs that they gained unauthorized access)
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  8. Ah, I get you now. You'd best report this to LiteBans author, unfortunately we can't help all that much.
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  9. Ok i contact the author
  10. LiteBans*
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  11. That's why it looked wrong :p. Even worse, I've actually purchased the plugin.
  12. Lol
  13. Haha, made my day.
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  14. They purchased it..
  15. You do know that it's a premium plugin, anyone can buy it.
    If every server in the world wanted to they could buy it and use it.
    If you want a plugin exclusive to you then you need to speak with the author and figure out a price where you get the rights to the plugin instead of the rights to download and use it.
  16. Lol I think this guy is new to Spigot
  17. Account of OP is about a year old with 9 messages
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  18. If it wasn't purchased trust me the author would disable their version :3 Just like he did to other people..
  19. They can simply obtain the .jar by purchasing the plugin. Just because you have purchased the plugin doesn't mean that other people can't as well. Its an open resource for anyone to use. If you have certain proof of it being stolen and such, then report it to the author. Other than that, theres nothing you can do.
  20. Random fact... The OP was online