Server crash, crash-report

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  1. Console log and plugin list
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  2. Here is the startup:

    And the crash of the server:

    And here my plugins:
    [18:22:40 INFO]: Plugins (53): PlugMan, Announcer, tpLogin, FarmLimiter, CustomKnockback, NoHitDelay, CoinFlip, SimpleBackup, ChatReaction, AlwaysDay, ClickSeconds, MinecraftItaliaRewards, PotionStacker, WorldEdit, Essentials, ClearLag, ChatControl, WitherDefence, SSHeros, BuycraftX, LaggRemover, Multiverse-Core, ProtocolLib, NoCheatPlus, NoSpawnChunks, IPWhitelist, ObsidianBreaker, WorldEditCrashFix, EssentialsChat, PermissionsEx, PTweaks, SuperVanish, Vault, Enderpearl, MassiveCore, HolographicDisplays, WorldGuard, HolographicDisplaysPatch, SkinsRestorer, ChestCommands, PlayerVaults, CookieMonster, EssentialsSpawn, RedstoneClockPreventer, SpawnerShop, Autorank, LiteBans, CrateReloaded, ColoredTags, NoFlyZone, Factions, SilkSpawners, CombatTagPlus
  3. Presse Who can HELP me?
  4. That look like a bad field in a configuration file probably in spigot.yml. It really can't be bad configuration for an individual plugin because that will not cause the whole server to crash, but instead cause a plugin to either not start or to throw errors in console.
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  5. Try removing plugins one by one to see which one is causing it
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  6. electronicboy

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    that's likely a plugin twiddling with something async that it shouldn't be.
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  7. I alredy tried removing some plugins but i don't know what's the problem... i can't remove all the plugins, i will take weeks trying for each plugin
  8. I recommend use plugman, and test all plugins one per one
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  9. But it crash Every 5-10hours... how can i test all the plugins. I have 50 plugins it will take weeks or months.... i need a fix..!
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  10. electronicboy

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    the fix is to get rid of whatever plugin is breaking the server by doing stupid things, there is literally no way around that. beyond knowing java and decompiling everything and checking for the issue, and praying that whatever is breaking your server isn't obfuscated and is actually readable.
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  11. electronicboy

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    what you have to do is stop running stupidly outdated software unless you know what you're doing. you've either managed to hit a bug in the server, or you still have plugins installed that are somehow doing stupid things to the server.
  12. Its 100% caused by some plugin

    Dont worry about how much plugin you have im runinng server with 150 plugins with tps 20 ...and earlier i had problems with 30 plugins..the most important is quality of plugin you use..if its well made plugin it should give low ms and there shouldnt be any problem..i see at least 10 plugins that you probably dont need..or it can be replaced by 1-2 plugins..i can help you but give more informations like

    What version do you use on your server?

    What is performance of your server?

    What is your average TPS?

    What plugins do you use right now?

    Did you optimize spigot.yml?

    Any Errors in Console or Logs? During day

    How much do you pay for server monthly?