Server crash, Heap space or whatever it is...

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  1. Hey everyone,

    It looks like my server constantly crashes after 12 or more hours cause of heap space but I think that is not the case since mostly it gives another error for that, it is seriously an error I've never seen on the internet so that is why I post it here so you guys could help me.

    Thanks, runefist.
  2. Your server is out of memory. You'll need to find a way to have more memory allocated to your server. In the meantime, I might check for a memory leak. If you're using a dedicated host the fix could be as simple as increasing the memory you allocate. Without knowing more, not sure how to help you.
  3. ... I think it is a memory leak because I allocated 32 GB of ram to it, and I host it at home, also if it happened I have to restart my whole computer cause else if I put it on again, it runs out of memory in 1-2 hours.
  4. Anyways, how can you get rid of the memory leak cause I gonna reinstall my operating system in 1.6 (upgrade to newer version) but do I need to reset all my files and maps to get rid of it, or? Is there any way to find it with no special programs or?
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    Wait... you allocated it 32GB of RAM, yet you're hosting it at home? Do you even have 32GB of RAM in your machine? Even if you do, you're giving it way more than you ever should need to.
  6. I host at home yes, I only run one server on the whole pc intel I7-3770k 4 core processor which was for long time the best of the best till the newest generation of intel like 2 weeks ago came but anyways yes I do host at home and ?I use the bending plugin it is really cool but it is an INTENSIVE CPU using plugin and even my server can't handle more than 80-100 man normally it can only handle (if you get a host) 40 man no lagg so that is why I host at home, I also got 1GB/s fiber so I have everything the best of the best but now I get that damn RAM problem, I don't know why but I did overclock my RAM and CPU (CPU from standard 3.5 GHz to 5.9 GHz and my RAM from 1333 to 1600) is that the problem cause also if I try the RAM overclocking higher it fails and can't even load up the operation system (Ubuntu 13.04). So I really would like some help at this cause getting a host now is wasting of my money. Thanks. (The specs I just told was cause I wanted to tell you everything so maybe you guys can tell me why this keeps on happening it happend the last 2 weeks to many times and I loose members cause of it :() Thanks again. Oh btw I allocated 31 GB and I have 32 GB in my system. It is again the best of the best for a single minecraft server on a system so I really dont get why it fails :S
  7. Oh and why would you not host at home with 32 GB??? Paying the jackpot and than get freaking a server that runs already 10 other servers with only 6 core CPU 3.1- 2100 is freaking ruining of your money... I think, I prefer paying once 2500 euro for a good server that lasts for 2 years than paying 150 euro a month for a lag server.
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    5.9Ghz? o.o
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  9. Yes I tried before making that the standard but it kept happening :S
  10. As far as I understand it, one of the best benefits of paying for a hoster is not the hardware specifications so much as the connection. If you have a good connection already to your home, then maybe its ok. However, that's not your core problem. Server administrators, also, as far as I understand it, want stable error-free hardware. Overclocking your server does little to no good and does add more possible problems. I'd go back to stock.

    Second. You don't need to allocate that much memory. I'd, personally, go back to spigot and your core plugins (ex: worldguard, worldedit, bpermissions) and then slowly add back your plugins and try to find the source of the problem. You can also look at your timings to see if you can discover anything there, however you really need to do some good troubleshooting. That's not something we can do for you.
  11. Believe, with my hardware is nothing wrong, I did /ram a couple of times and Idk if it is normal your RAM goes down with 1000 a second with only 30 man and than when it is almost 0 it goes back to 10000 and than it happens again and again and so on
  12. Why would you not use all the 32 GB RAM if you have it? I don't get why I would only use 8 of it.
  13. the only plugins I got that have something to do with RAM are: PTweaks, clearlag, and protocollib can one of this plugins be the cause of RAM that goes up and down way to fast?
  14. Err, I think all plugins have something to do with RAM. lol
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    Every plugin uses RAM. How do you think bukkit remembers the plugin is enabled, etc?
  16. ... I got that yes, but those try to get RAM free, the others only use it for saving data...
  17. If you have overclocked your RAM, have you completed a memtest or two (to ensure stability etc.)?