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  1. Heey i had a Server Crash could someone help me to analyze this ?
    Also i would also really appreciate it if someone can me explain how to find the crash reason myself for the next time :) i could only say that its -maybe- something FE related and what could i do to fix this i had a similar crash a while ago but deinstalling the enjin plugin solved it ( 3 crashes at one day and since enjin is deinstalled no crashes at all, its 1-2 months ago )
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  2. Gaxan


    Possibly running out of RAM. I'm not at my computer and my phone isn't the best to look at a crash log in detail.
  3. Try updating your build tools. And how long has this been happening?
  4. How many plugins are you running?
  5. Thanks for the Answers :)

    i didnt saw it but im pretty sure that there was enough ram left ( its a 20 slot server with 10gb ) but could be still a memory leak i will have an eye on it but my gameserver hoster just allows me to see the current ram usage

    What u mean with how long this was happening? like i said i had 2-3 similiar crashes ( also FE was in there, i could try to dig the crashlog out if needed ) but since i deinstalled the enjin plugin i didnt had any crash at all and now this was the first one since 1-2 months ( but also the enjin support told me that its pretty sure FE back then, but a little too late ^^ )

    well i think i have one of the latest spigot version but i will update :) Could this really the Answer ? just the Main Server Thread matters in such a Crash or not ?

    Well there quit a few Plugins, LagMonitor tells me 62 plugins and there are ~75 .jar files ( Is this too much or matters it more how many performance they take? )
  6. 75 plugins isn't terrible on a 10 of Gs of RAM but yes a problem can run that deep. Could be a bug or some simple coding error. Just make sure you're not overloading the sever. And check your plugins to make sure its not one of them.
  7. io.loyloy.fe.database.databases.SQLDB.loadAccountData(

    Something is timing out trying to request from a SQL database. Does the database exist and is it configured properly?
  8. How i can check them ? FE is really one of the few which are not for the 1.11.2 ( for example vault is also outdatet but yea its vault :p )

    Yes im using MySQL with FE, it exists and is working :)
    Is it possible that it comes to this crash if the MySQL Database is shortly not available (is this possible tho ?)
  9. If the MySQL database isn't working, it will simply disable the plugin.

    However, if you believe it's the culprit, temporarily remove it and see if anything changes.