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Bug Server Crash last night

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by HTN02, May 3, 2015.

  1. As requested by the log, i paste the log here.

    there was 1 player online.
    Server runs Windows 2008 DC, Spigot 1.8.3 and has the following plugins:
    • PorteCoulissante
    • LWC
    • LogBlock
    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard
    • WorldBorder
    • Essentials
    • EssentialsChat
    • EssentialsGroupManager
    • DynMap
    • MCBans
    My monitoring software (Zabbix) only detected the TCP ports of Minecraft and Dynmap going down.
    No strange CPU or disk or memory load.
    Both the Reliability Monitor as the Event Viewer show no errors.

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  2. That may sound stupid, but:
    Sometimes servers (not spigot, in general) just crash... without any reason ^^
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  3. i know, and i am not complaining, but the log asked me to post it here, and it might help the devs with the next version, so i posted it here :)
  4. Correct

    It looks like LWC caused the crash.
  5. If i read this log right, the LWC tread still runs, while a bunch of others are blocked...
    Might be worth noticing: first problem since i run 1.8.3, the day after it came out.
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  6. Try removing or disabling WLC for a moment, then check if the problem still has a beating heart.
  7. Problem doesnt return at all anhyhow, not even with LWC Enabled. server runs for about 48 hours no prblem now...
  8. So this has been fixed?
  9. Hello! It happened to me and from what I understand you need more RAM!
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  10. Not really, no. as there was no reason found. as i said, i didnt post it here to get fixed, just to report it, as the log requested.

    Could you clarify this statement? my actual RAM and java settings are closely connected, and monitored with professional monitoring software. they show no problems.
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  11. The'm bringing my problem. I have a large network and one of my server crashed for that reason, it is sufficient to increase the ram. I do not know if they are just coincidences.
  12. i have a bit more control in my network. like i said, everything is monitored. this is how the RAM usage looks like:


    it looks like that during the crash to. offc i can add some RAM, but just doing stuff for the heck of it is not something i do.
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  13. tonight it happened again.

    Logs are attached, but dont indicate LWC anymore.

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  14. easyusual


    Just a question - why are you using Windows Server? I've never really known anyone to use it for a public server.

    That can effect performance, not much, but still.
  15. nowadays, the performance issue is very, very limited.

    i run Windows Server because i run a few hundreds of Windows Servers.
    all my clusters are windows based, and all my extra services are mostly designed for windows (backup, monitoring, etc)
    This is not your run off the mill mc server. its backupped every 3 hours for example, and not by MC. the monitoring server keeps watch on everything, from my mc and dynmap ports, till the in and outputs to the SQL backend.

    last of all, im a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)
    my linux/osx knowledge is alot less prominent. cant say i know jack shit about them, but it is not much more then that.

    thats why i run Windows Server :)