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Crash Server crash

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by lastirix, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Hello,

    Sorry for my bad english, I'm french :/

    For several days, my server crash repetition :(

    Here are the logs:


    The server runs on Ubuntu 12.04.
    Version Spigot: 1.7.2
    Build: 1280


    - PermissionsEx
    - WorldEdit
    - FrameProtect
    - Autosave
    - Ramchecker
    - War
    - Vault
    - Multiverse
    - logBlock
    - Worldguard
    - Colortablist
    - Automessage
    - Iconomy
    - Lockette
    - Clearlag
    - InfinityDispenser
    - Modifyworld
    - Mobarena
    - AntiInvis
    - Plotshop
    - Essentials
    - SimpleHelpTicket
    - Citizens
    - Azrank
    - DtlTraders
    - Simplyvanish
    - Chestshop
    - Blacksmith
    - Mobarena

    I deactivated Mobarena and war but this has not solved the problem.

    Thank you in advance

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  3. I'm sorry for the fail link , i edited my topic :)

    Thx for taking the time to read
  4. o_O 31 Plugins damn.
  5. It runs for several months with 31 plugins :/
    And the crash started on Saturday after noon.

    Nobody has any idea? :/
  6. I also made a post, I have exactly the same :( I hope anyone out there knows a solution cause I am about to quit hosting...

    Maybe someone can do something with this information:
    I have almost all the plugin he has:

    So if it is a plugin cause, it might be one of these... right?
  7. I say try removing ALL plugins and reading one at a time until it crashes again. :D had the same problem on my server and doing as suggested helped :p
  8. Have you deleted every single plugin and reinstall it? Sorry but my server cannot manage that... That would take days, to configure it all again etc etc....
  9. My server crash at peak hours in the evening with 100 players.
    Do you propose handling me take me several days and would flee my community :/

    I am still waiting on a bukkit version alot of lag but not crash :/

    This bothers me because spigot is really more fluid and efficient :)

    Ps: Again sorry for my bad english.... :/
  10. Wait you telling me bukkit does not crash!? Cause I know how to run the server on RAM but with those crashes it is to dangerous so I don't but if bukkit is stable I can! Please message back if bukkit is stable :D
  11. No, bukkit is not stable, alot of lag and alot of rollback :/

    I passed under the spigot 1.7.2 build 1223 R0.1 which I had not posed problems.

    For now it does not crash, I would to you tonight after one day of test
  12. Rollback? So bukkit crashes as well? And does not save the world as often as spigot does?

    I hope 1223 is stable.
  13. 1223 build is not stable for me.

    I always look for a solution, if anyone has an idea, he did not hesitate.

    good evening
  14. Update PEX and Multiverse both to the latest builds, for me this worked. I have no clue why but crashing has already stopped last 2 days. Build: 1307