Server Crash

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by xAcrosonicx, May 11, 2016.

  1. [21:06:31] [Server thread/WARN]: StackTrace:
    [21:06:31] [Server thread/WARN]: de.myzelyam.premiumvanish.bukkit.sql.DatabaseException: Illegal operation on empty result set.

    Report this to the creator of the plugin and see if there is a fix.
  2. I reported it to him and he said it was PlotSquared causing the crash.
  3. Did he explain why? It is fairly obvious from the stacktrace that it is an error in his code. Either an outright error, or him failing to properly handle unexpected data. Either way, probably his problem.
  4. Here's what the PremiumVanish dev said "PlotSquared is causing the crash, not pv. the errors related to pv are just a thing with the database, once again. I think I should just make it display a warning instead of errors in the future."
  5. Yes, plotsquared is causing the crash. I don't understand the semantics of the crash entirely, but you might try using a chunk-repair tool if any are updated to 1.9.x, and try updating plotsquared/spigot to their latest versions if they're not already.