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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Purple115, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. Ok so I tried to run bungeecord with about 20 servers and of some reason it crashed? Is there a specific way you have to set it up for it to not crash?

    Btw operating system: Windows xp
    Ram: 1024mb
    Intel Celeron M Processor 360 1 core.
    Graphics card g110 m
  2. latiku


    uh, I don't think you'll be hosting a 20+ server network with 1gb ram.
  3. Bruh that was such a waist of 10 dollars then.
  4. Who sold you this server? Why is it running Windows XP, and how did you expect it to run 20 servers? Do some research before you just start investing in things.
  5. Sinclare

    Sinclare Previously xSinclare

    You got scammed dude.
  6. xD this post was a joke if you didn't get it
  7. Sinclare

    Sinclare Previously xSinclare

    Thankfully it was a joke then. It would have sucked if you got scammed off of a machine like that xD
  8. xD yeah