Server crash.

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  1. Which plugins do you have on your server?
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    Code (Text):
    08.05 01:10:05 [Server] ERROR Current Thread: Async Chat Thread - #6
    08.05 01:10:05 [Server] ERROR ------------------------------
    08.05 01:10:05 [Disconnect] User dragonRAGE148 has disconnected, reason: Timed out
    Could be that user trying to connect and spawning into a corrupted chunk & crashing the server.
    Try wiping that users data, if this only happens when that player joins.
  3. Yeah i think thats it, i was using world edit to //chunk and //regen
    Apparently it causes issues and corrupted chunks... =( Now how do i fix it?
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    You'll have to find the apporpiate chunk and delete it in the world file.
  5. I ended up using this tool:
    I searches for bad chunks, but it ended up not finding any.

    After a couple of restarts its working fine and i no longer crash when at the chunks i regenerated, i guess its a world edit bug, not sure tho.
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    That's good to hear!
  7. Well never mind.. a few hours latter and its gotten worst. lol
    Now im crashing every 3 hours and i have this log:
  8. try update the deluxechat.
  9. I noticed a bunch of deluxechat lines and also goupmanager. But, i've been running this version for months without any problems...
  10. I recently added a 1.8 server to my hub, although I am still using bungee 1.7.10. Could that be causing this?
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    Oww. I saw DeluxeChat in your crash log. I haven't experienced any crashes like this personally. This just started happening randomly?

    Looks like it is originating from DeluxeChat attempting to set ezrankslite placeholders which grabs data from GroupManager. Can you disable your Ezrankslite placeholders for a bit and see if it crashes again? Also how big is your users.yml in group manager?
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  12. I have DeluxeChat for months and never really had a problem. I updated it to latest 1.7.10 version, and I am still having this issue.
    My users.yml is 1.3mb about 55k lines.
    After i updated DChat i already have "ezrankslite: false" in the config, is that what you mean by "disable your Ezrankslite placeholders" ?

    Here are the logs from the most recent crash.
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    In those logs I don't see DeluxeChat anymore. I am not saying it is not contributing the problem but I really don't think it is the cause.
  14. Dont worry about it, I dont think so either. It was probably originated by the corrupted chunks that i cant find...
    Pretty annoying that i cant find the cause tho...
  15. Ok, big update.
    Whatever the cause is, apparently its exploitable by players. One player on my server is able to make the crash happen and everyones gets laggy and disconnects, almost like a ddos attack. Im pretty sure whatever the method is its not ddos, because i immediately get notified by SYS if i get an attack warning the mitigation has started.

    Maybe theres a new glitch / exploit out there?
    Here, if you guys search the log for willper99 you can see him saying "i will crash the server in 3, 2, 1"
    boom everyone gets disconnected...

    I dont see him doing any commands other than /list
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  16. Well to be honest I would just ban him. I mean, he's the one crashing the server.
  17. Well... i rather try to reason and possibly find how he does it.
    If i just ban, he can google "how to change my ip" and keep coming back and causing trouble.


    After further research heres a video of a dude with the same name on YT showing how to change ip.. LOL its like i read thease kid pseudo-hackers minds...
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  18. You can UUID ban him, he might have more accounts but just ban those also.

    There's no reason to try to reason with him, he will probably never give you the info, or stop doing it.
    Bet banned, kid.