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  1. Hey guys so when a person plays long enough on the server they are kicked and the server crashes and I have to clue why. Deleting the worlds stats or player data usually works depending on which of the folders contains the corrupt file but I have no clue why any file in those folders would become corrupt. Here is the error from my crash reports. Remember it happens when a certain player joins that has been playing for a while.
    Please can someone help. Factions is my most popular server and I am losing players.
  2. Wait,,,,
    I think you get a message saying that Server is Overloading,

    If you run your whole big server on one computer it is going to be hard for your computer too keep up ,
    I recommend that you get a Server hosting company to host your server like McProHosting,

    That's the best way unless of course you delete your worlds and stuff,
    And if really that is the case it's hard to say which file is the corrupt one,
    DO you use the whitelist and other things, please show me the server files NOT THE PLUGINS
    and if this is happening to a particular server then show me those config files
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  3. It is happening to my factions server. but non of my other servers ever crash like this so if it was overload then it would be because of the one thing that was different. The factions plugin. What files do you want me to post. Please tell me so I know.
  4. OK I am running it when it downloads.
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  5. The server is overloaded. Run it with more ram :D
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  6. how do i do that? from the run.bat?
  7. this is whats in the bat
    java -Xmx1024m -Xms1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=128M -jar spigot.jar
    goto start
  8. should i double all 7 servers xms and maxpermsize or would that hurt my computer?
  9. I did not rate this post funny, but I will say this. I used to think MCProhosting was the best. Its not. I've heard good reports about BeastNode though.
  10. this could work xD jk this is way to costly for an unemployed teen like me.
  11. Like i said use BeastNode or something. BisectHosting too is another I heard.
  12. ok i changed each server to 2 gigs. works so far
  13. Read the bottom first and anwser those questions
    I know your operating system is windows 8.1

    You may be able to use more ram than just 2 gigabytes,
    Go to Windows Explorer (the icon that looks like a file folder) and look at the top-right corner, You will see something called system properties.
    Double click on system properties and it will show you how much ram you have and how much ram is usable,
    Exceed only up to half of the ram that you have in total , it could also be how much available on your computer
    Then change the run the windows batch file (the one you usually launch the server console with or you use to launch the server) your going to have to delete the batch file and create a new one by making the exact same code except by adding half the ram you have to that code,
    Like this,
    Code (Text):
    @echo off

    java -Xms512M -Xmx4G -XX:MaxPermSize=280M -jar Spigot.jar

    Try saving it and it will say save as,
    Save it as run.bat and make sure you save it as All Files
    For your computer which runs on Intel i7 processesor should have 8 gigs of ram, I'm not saying it does and you should of used to procedure above to see how much RAM you have
    Do Not run this code if you launch up all servers at once and if you have less than 8 gigabytes of ram installed on your computer,
    You may delete all server consoles and use this code if the BOLD agreement above is met or exceeded and follow those steps,
    Again if you do not have 8 Gigabytes of ram or launch up more than 1 server at once, do not launch up the second server unless you have 16 gigabytes or more RAM installed on your computer.

    I'm not saying it does and if you had already done this then ignore the post :eek:
    And also do you run all servers at the same time because that could result in a java exemption java.lang.outofmemoryError,
  14. yes i run them all at the same time i use bungeecord. So I have a question since my computer has 12 gigabytes of ram does that mean since I am running each server with 2 gigabytes then am I going over 12 gigabytes? I have 7 servers up. Should I stop the server now?
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  15. you see the java Xmx command you had specified was up to how much RAM that server could use.
    If your computer can hold up to 12 gigs of ram I say 14 gigs won't be used all at one time. I suggest you lower your maximum usage. And if you do a big project DO NOT RUN ALL SERVERS AT ONCE!. I don't know why I put that in bold,
    You see if the servers go on a big project and this is unlikely they will exceed even one gig of RAM but can be your server crashes with the java error java.lang.OutOfMemory I would say reduce all your servers Xmx to 1 gig
  16. @Echo off

    java -Xms512M -Xmx4G -XX:MaxPermSize=280M -jar Spigot.jar

    what does echo off do?
    java tells the computer the following is in java.
    -xms is the min of ram and xmx is the max?
    maxpermsize says it was removed.
    and spigot.jar is the loacation
    Could you confirm this for me?
  17. Yep you got it. PermSize isn't needed anymore with java 8. @ echo off just makes the windows command prompt more readable. It's not related to java.
  18. wait so if I am running 7 servers -Xms2048M -Xmx2048M is that bad because I only have 12 gigs. Here is my math. 2048= 2 gigs. 7 servers times two gigabytes per server is 14 gigabytes. 14/12 is over my max ram. Is this bad and am I correct?