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  1. Hello! Apologies if not correct area, please move to proper if incorrect.

    My server just crashed, pastebin link to crash log here.

    Recent changes - Connected to bungeecord, not a hub server.
    Spigot v 1.12.2
    I'm not sure what other information you may need, let me know if you need to know anything else.

    EDIT: This has happened twice now, in the past 10 minutes. No known connections between the two incidents.
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  2. There is no link to the crash log?
  3. The actual error within [code]..[/code] would help :)
  4. My apologies. Updated with a pastebin link to the crash log. Thanks for the responses, guys.
  5. Still having this problem, if anyone can help
  6. UPDATE: The crash is somehow related to the /spawn and /setspawn command. It crashes whenever someone is either teleported to the spawn, or attempts to change the spawn location. This includes player deaths, /home when a home is not set so it defaults to /spawn, etc. Anything related to the spawn location, and / or teleporting a player to it.
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    Well you dont need all of essentialsEx. just grab what you need. essentialsEx core, spawn and chat are all the average server needs, antibuild if you want to lockdown worlds.
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  9. Does it also crash If you just walk / fly to the spawn?

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