Server crashed?

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  1. My server just crashed because of what it seems like it ran out of memory but how can that be true when my server isn't even using full ram and it says i have 4000-5000 MB of ram free and max of 6000 MB ram.

    Timings after crash (i guess) I just took it now:
  2. Ram out of memory in permgen space.
    Try adding this to your start up parameters.

  3. My host doesn't allow me to change that I sent ticket anyways, can you explain what is permgen space and why is it causing problems :/ ?

    EDIT: Sent ticket and they changed it for me, will report if it happens again

    EDIT: this is cmd line now: -Xmx6144m -Xms6144m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -jar "C:\ClientInstalls\VANJAB\GameServers\*CENSORED*\minecraft\spigot.jar" nogui
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    OnTime is causing the bulk of your TPS issues.

    Also, tell them to lower your Xms flag.
    JVM Flags: 2 total; -Xmx6144m -Xms6144m

    You should NEVER be allocating all of the ram on startup. Tell them to change it to 512m
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  5. I see that on ontime but /TPS is 19.5+ so I'll just leave it like it is for now, also can you tell me why to allocated only 512MB on startup, what's the difference ? I've tried searching but couldn't really find an answer to that question?
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    If you allocate all of the ram on startup you have more ram to run GC on, ie higher CPU usage that isn't needed.
  7. Hey thank you guys very much 9 hours have passed with up to 50 players online and it didn't crash ;) Still not sure what is that permgen space about but most important is that it works ;)
  8. Didn't you use to co-own detox KitPvP?
  9. Yes, who are you :p ?
  10. I used to play there... Long time ago after that I also saw you on gontroller