Server crashes when 2 players join.

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  1. My friend created a bukkit server (it has spigot.yml so i think it is from here :D) and when 2 players join the server crashes
  2. No one can help you if that's all the information you give.
  3. maybe your server cant handle 2 players :p
  4. Gives us some information. Startup logs, plugins(possibly not needed), server version, timings.
  5. Does the amount of players override your RAM?
    We'll need console logs, explanations, and screenshots to help us identify this problem.
  6. One player can play, but when the other one connects the server just crashes
  7. And the server is on 1.7.4 :)
  8. Is it a home server?
  9. nope
    btw he is hosting vanilla server with no problems
  10. You're using a very old version of spigot.
    Spigot 1.6 is not supported by spigot, try to update your server to 1.8.
  11. If it's vanilla, how is it bukkit / spigot?
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  12. How to upgrade it :d
  13. He is hosting a vanilla server but we want to make bukkit
  14. Build spigot with BuildTools and replace your server.jar with your builded spigot.jar.
  15. Oh jesus christ, here comes trying to explain BuildTools.
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  16. an spigot 1.7.2 or 1.7.4 build caused an crash when there was 2 players on
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  17. That link is illegal, I highly advise you to remove it.
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  18. Sorry, an moderator has alerted me of my mistakes and deleted the post.
  19. We started to installing 1.8 Spigot server and we'll see is it working.