Server crashes when a specific player leaves.

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    This is the pastebin for errors and information of my server.
    I believe this is because of a plugin or something, since my server's ram and cpu should be fine.
    My server crashes when the player 'JackXXOO' and 'Napking0fVembz' leave my server, I have no idea why this happens.
    I tried deleting their playerdata already, didn't work.

    Please help.
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  2. There is no error in the log.. if this is even a log and not a config from something.
    And even if this is not the right section for this (i think), we even couldn´t help you with these informations.

    I´m assuming youre running Spigot? Which Plugins are you running?
    Also show us the part of the latest.log where one of these Players leave.
  3. That pastebin link doesn't show any errors
  4. sorry, wrong link, updated.
  5. Seems to be a server issue, you should probably just report this to PaperSpigot. See line 1033.
  6. Not quite.. If you read the next rows it says, you should first check for Plugins rather than reporting it to Paper directly.

    According to the stacktrace, i would give it a shot to look at these rows(1063+):
    1. 03.09 18:44:12 [Server] Startup [18:44:12 ERROR]:
    2. 03.09 18:44:12 [Server] Startup [18:44:12 ERROR]:
    3. 03.09 18:44:12 [Server] Startup [18:44:12 ERROR]: me.mrCookieSlime.QuickSell.SellProfile.unregister(
    4. 03.09 18:44:12 [Server] Startup [18:44:12 ERROR]: me.mrCookieSlime.QuickSell.SellListener.onQuit(

    As these are the latest non-bukkit/spigot calls in the stacktrace.
    I dont know which Plugin(s) are doing that, but i would say from the name and the bootlog form the server its "CS-CoreLib", but don´t quote me on that.
    I may be missing something.
  7. I guess you're right. The first exception occurs on line 905, seems to be the CSCoreLibPlugin WorldGuardProtectionModule. WorldGuard itself seems to have lauched successfully as SilkSpawners (line 570) is capable of hooking onto it.
  8. This error is caused by "QuickSell" I believe, or more specifically by "CSCoreLibPlugin". Some method in CSCore is used by QuickSell and there are some regex mismatches when saving to the .yml, do the players anyhow have "wierd" characters in their name? You should report this error to the maker of the plugin, as far as I can see from the error this would be @mrCookieSlime.
  9. @Killian544 I'm not developing plugins anymore since 2016.

    That said:
    @Lungless The versions you are using are equally outdated as they are "too up-to-date".
    QuickSell is no longer maintained on here.

    On the other hand I can see that you are using Minecraft 1.8.8, the CS-CoreLib Version you are using is built for 1.13 - 1.14 though, so you can expect issues to happen.
    The WorldGuard error also comes from the fact that the 1.13/1.14 Version of CS-CoreLib is also built against a 1.13/1.14 Version of WorldGuard.
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  10. Sorry I know this is super off topic, but aren't you TheBusyBiscuit on GitHub? I've seen multiple commits to SF, or is that someone else committing via your account?
  11. @ShaneBee It is offtopic. And yes, I am TheBusyBiscuit. And yes, I made those commits.
    Slimefun was maintained since 2016 by the community, I only did code reviews.
    However as the frequency of Pull Requests dropped I recently stepped back in to do some refactoring and code-cleanup.
    The codebase started in 2013, when I wasn't too experienced in programming and has been a mess ever since.
    So my hope is that I can get it to a good maintainable state, so that external contributions can flow again.
    I also opened a discord server for it and that brought in lots of new developers who are now actively making PRs, all while I am renaming, refactoring, deprecating, moving and cleaning up all the stuff.

    Anyway, now we digressed a lot here.
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  12. @Lungless did you try deleting that specific players info in the world files?